The older I get the more I realize how important identity is to us all. While one of my main identities since being ordained an Orthodox Christian priest in 2005 is being a priest, I am reminded that I can’t be a true priest unless I first… show myself to be a human being. Being truly human, ma11121492_10152874959348174_648664883889276157_ode in the image of God, is where it all begins (or ought to, at least.) Being human means tending to basic relationships–my immediate family, then my extended family and friends, then the people I work with in my church and in my community.

Being a Christian is a huge part of my identity. Honestly, there is not a time in my life when I did not consider myself, in some sense, a Christian. (Sadly, I make no claims about having lived up to that name at all times.) But I can’t honestly conceive of my life without the basic frame of reference of Jesus, his teachings, his Cross, his Resurrection, his Kingdom.

Finally, I am a committed Orthodox Christian (as in “Eastern Orthodox.”) My Christianity and my sense of what is really human is seen through this lens of the Orthodox Christian faith. Almost everything I write and share here is in some way impacted by this commitment. Orthodoxy, as much as referring to the Church, also refers to a 2000-year-old Way of actually and concretely being a Christian. I am so grateful for this ongoing formation in my life. (I need it.)

So why this website? I have long felt that it is unfortunate that so much of the work I do, as a priest, gets “lost” in the moments after I preach, teach, share, or think. Parts of me are scattered in various notes and notebooks. So I hope that this will give me a place to put some of these things: a repository, a place to process these materials into something that may bear more fruit for me and for others.


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